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In response to COVID-19, we are conducting hybrid worship services,
both in person and via Zoom

Masks are optional at in-person worship

Sunday Morning Worship

All are welcome in worship!

Our Sunday morning services begin at 9:30 a.m. Arrive 5–15 minutes before, and you will be warmly greeted by one of our visitor liaisons, who will be happy to show you around and answer questions.

Our service (see below) is a warm and inspiring mix of music, readings, and a sermon, usually lasting about an hour. You will receive a bulletin to follow along.


Communion is offered on various Sundays throughout the year. All who have been baptized are invited to share communion.

Children are welcome in worship, or you may choose to take children under age five to our professionally staffed nursery.

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A typical order of worship:

  • Gathering

After announcements and other brief news of the church, the congregation joins in responsive readings to gather and listen to God’s Word, and receive assurance of God’s forgiveness. We sing a hymn, and the congregation takes a moment to greet their neighbors in the pews.

  • Proclaiming the Word

The Word is shared through two scripture passages and a thought-provoking sermon. The choir or a soloist treats us to an inspiring musical selection.

  • Responding to the Word

Through hymns, responsive readings, an offering, and prayer, we respond to the Word and mission of the church.

  • Sacraments

On Sundays when Communion is served all are invited to share. Those partaking can choose between bread and gluten-free crackers, and between wine and juice.

  • Sending

We sing a final hymn, receive a final blessing, and the congregation departs.

Faith Development classes are offered at 10:45 am via Zoom, and all are invited.

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